Acoustic & Sound Management

It’s a fact of life that noise pollution in the workplace is increasing.

Various types of Information Technology in the office all make noise plus constant meetings, briefings and breakout sessions.

Modular screen systems can be used to create a workplace where acoustic privacy is achieves without walls.

Designs can be created that seamlessly cater for every activity from private meetings to group briefings.

Noise factor in most workspaces affects employee stress levels and productivity so it pays to reduce the noise levels before they start to cause a problem. One way to control the amount of noise that affects virtually every open plan office is to use screens to create an acoustic shadow.

An acoustic shadow is what happens when noise that would normally be heard is blocked because the sound is either absorbed or somehow deflected

To deflect the noise with normal screens would mean large intrusive screening, which can be ugly and overbearing.

An alternative is to use smaller acoustic screens provided for the perfect solution. These specific screens are built to not only block sound but to absorb it.

This is achieved by installing integral lamaphon acoustic core into every one of the acoustic screens. These screens are available in a range of contemporary designs or even bespoke if required.

Contact us now for further information or to organise a trial of a screen to see how this can improve on the acoustics in your workplace. These are available for delivery throughout the UK including London and Kent.

Lamaphon Acoustic Foam Tambour with Lamaphon Acoustic Foam