August 28, 2020

A Guide to Selecting the Right Office Desks

Getting the right office desks is as important as getting the right location for your office. Office desks have a direct impact on your comfort-ability, ergonomics, and most importantly, your productivity. While going about this might seem easy, there are several considerations to put in mind in making the best choice of office desks. So, in case you are about to get desks for your workplace, or you want to upgrade those you have, this is right for you.

Office desks come in varying aesthetic qualities — different styles, shapes and sizes — and while this is vital, there are also other considerations to be factored in your choice of office desks. You would be spending most of your time in office on your desk, so, it is only logical to invest ample time to getting the perfect one.


There are a variety of shapes for office desks, and each of them come with their respective advantages, and maybe a bit of disadvantages too. This is a pointer that you have to be intentional about your choice, ensuring it would not only fit into a particular workspace, but any other room in your office. I’m sure you don’t want rowdiness in your office, neither do I want you inventing some sort of “traffic lights” to arrest human collision, so be sure the shape of the desks would not be making a block or consume so much space in the office. Better still, to avoid this, you can make a measurement of the room first before making a choice of the desk, so as to have an absolute fit. Below is an infographic detailing the different shapes of office desks.

Storage options

The type of services you render in your office, and primarily your choice, would influence the kind of storage options you should be looking out for in an office desk. Some office desks come with in-built storage drawers, while some with just minimalist approach, do not come with any storage provision. Whichever one you go for, I hope it optimises your work as much as possible.


Top quality office furniture might be the enticing, or the first thing visitors would notice about your office, so the material of your office desk and all your office furniture in general is of your top concern. There are several materials to pick from such as wood, metal, laminate and host of others.

While laminate desks are recommended for their durability and affordable, there is still this place of your preference.


Perhaps, this is most important factor when selecting an office desk. Nobody enjoys pain, so preventing it is key. Height adjustable desks can be considered, so you won’t strain your neck trying to catch something from the monitor on your desk. Your choice of chairs should also offer body support, especially for your neck, head and back. Right placement of the chair is also necessary, so you would have clearance for your legs. The image below would help with some tips to ensure your ergonomically safe while at your workplace.

Stand up or sit down?

The option of a stand up desk in an office setting became popular, of late, out of the growing concern of health experts on the side effects of having long sitting periods. Stand up desks have also been reported by some users to help improve alertness cum productivity. However, this is hugely hinged on preference, so far comfort and productivity is guaranteed.

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