April 27, 2020

A Distinctive Meeting Table for the Right First Impression

A meeting room table should be much more than a standard piece of furniture where meetings are conducted. This is your opportunity to make a great first impression. After all, along with the reception area, the meeting room is the face of the business and is where you need to make the right impact on potential clients.

It’s important then that your furniture aligns well with the culture and branding that you want to create. Do you want a strong corporate look and feel or do you want something that is much more relaxed? This will of course be influenced by the nature of your business and the industry you are in. From well-built functional meeting tables, to sleek and distinctive Italian pieces, to luxurious real-wood veneers – at Whiteleys we have a vast range of options available.

Spacing and Size of Table

As a minimum there should 900mm space between the table ends and any wall or other furniture as a walkway. In many situations more space will be needed and this will depend how many people will be seated, the depth of the chairs, the position of doors and other furniture. For example, if you want to accommodate sixteen people, you will need a lot more space than if only six people are to be seated. This is where the Whiteleys team can work with you in planning your meeting room.

Finishes and Colours

The finish and colour you opt for will be influenced by the culture and feel you want to create. Yes, it needs to be practical but overall it needs the right feel and look and leave the right impression with clients and partners. From real-wood veneer, MFC/laminate, Fenix NTM®, glass, corian or marble, there are large choice of finishes and colour options. Here are some notes on some of the more popular finishes:

Real-wood veneer

Interestingly, the ancient craft of veneering dates way back to at least to the time of the Pharaohs. Real-wood veneer provides a uniquely luxurious, natural finish to make a strong statement about the prestige of the company. This would normally be used to provide an ‘executive’ look and feel.


Laminates or MFC-finish

MFC is well-built, hard-wearing furniture and most office furniture is manufactured in this material. Though very similar to MFC, laminate is one step-up, so it’s priced slightly higher. MFC and laminate are easy to clean and maintain and they are available in a vast range of colours, including wood-effect. If you want to create a natural ‘wood-effect’ look but there isn’t the budget for a real wood veneer table, why not go for an MFC table in either walnut, royal-oak, ash or other wood-effect.  These do have a quality finish to them.


Fenix NTM®

Fenix NTM® is a Nano Tech material that has been around for a reasonably short period of time The surface has a sleek feel that is soft to the touch and has anti-fingerprint properties, so it’s very robust. Small scratches can be removed with a standard iron, so this is a very practical material that also has a contemporary look.

Folding leg tables

If space is a premium, why not consider a folding leg table? These tables are available in a range of colours and finishes. The wheels make them easy to move and store, but also the wheels can be locked in place for stability when in use.

Power and Cable Management

This is not something to overlook. Taking into account location of floor boxes or on-wall power sockets, we can work out the best solution to get the connectivity that’s needed, all finished to a neat and professional standard. Whiteleys can accommodate a range of embedded power modules to suit your requirements. These can include connectivity such as Smart Charge, CAT6 data, HDMI and USB, etc.


If you intend to use existing chairs, you’ll want to ensure the chairs  are not a miss-match to the table.  Just a short note though, to achieve that stunning look, we do have an extensive range of chairs to choice from that are well-priced.

We are Here to Help

These are such array of table options and finishes available , so why not get in touch to discuss your requirements? One of our friendly account managers will work with you to get the right solution.

We are available on 0208 313 3344 or email [email protected].

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