November 21, 2015

3 Amazing Health Benefits of Replacing Regular Office Chairs with Ergonomic Chairs

Many businesses find themselves struggling to find new ways and to develop strategies to boost business productivity and employee performance. Where some focus on increasing their workforce, others resort to increasing work hours to get more work done. These changes can however, sometimes even backfire and lead to an increase in recruitment cost, employee absenteeism and employee turnover.

Extra working hours can further lower employee health and even make them want to switch jobs. Instead of implementing such strategies, there’s one thing that can help achieve your goals without overriding your budget or experiencing employee dissatisfaction. And that is replacing regular office chairs with ergonomic chairs.

Ergonomic chairs are designed for performance and built for comfort. These chairs can provide your valuable employees the comfort they need to excel at work without experiencing back pain or shoulder pain which can impact their work performance and health.

Let’s take a closer look and explore the 3 amazing health benefits of ergonomic chairs:

1.     Back Pain Relief

Sitting in the same position for long hours exerts great stress and pressure on the spine which leads to back pain. Studies show that back pain is the most common reason for employee absenteeism and the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office.

However, by replacing regular office chairs with ergonomic chairs, you can easily ensure your employees don’t suffer from back pain and injuries largely because of their innovative design and reclining function. These chairs come with a proper backrest that supports the natural curve of the spine that is much needed to reduce excess stress on the spine.

2.     Reduces Neck Pain

Employees who work on computers for long hours often experience stiffness in their shoulders and neck. This is because their chairs don’t provide them with proper neck support. If they experience neck pain persistently, they can increase the chances of developing cervical spondylosis which is also known as osteoarthritis in the joints found in the neck.

To minimize the risk of developing this condition in employees, it’s best to opt for ergonomically designed chairs. These chairs feature a headrest as well that provides adequate support to the head and neck.

3.     Improves Posture

Designed to relieve pressure points, these chairs offer superior comfort and help improve posture by keeping the spine up-right and in its natural position.

Features like adjustable-tilt tension for recline and lumbar-adjustment for maintaining back support and seat depth adjustment that helps distribute the user weight evenly across the cushion of the seat; alleviate pressure at the knee joints and Ischial Tuberosities, it truly enables employees to stay relaxed even after working for long hours. This improves their work performance which increases business productivity.

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